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Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contacts

Groups and Organizations Phone numbers
Fire/Medical Emergency/Rescue 119
Emergency Sickness Consultations and Hospital Information 1339
Reporting a crime 112
Child Abuse 1577-1391
Missing Persons/Run-aways 182
Juvenile Consultations 1388
Women Hotline 1366, 1577-1366
Female Victim of Prostitution Hotline 117
Violation of Human Rights, Discrimination 1331
Korea Legal Advice 132
Social Services Call Center 129
Cyber Defamation Hotline 1377

General Information Center for Foreigners

General Information Center for Foreigners provides venues for complaints and other information needed for visiting-foreigners in Korea. The center is available online and through phones.

The online service at 'Hi Korea' is provided in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. The online service is composed of online information and portals for electronically filed public grievances. The 1345 Call-center consultation is provided in Korean and other 17 languages.

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