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Buckwheat pasta(Lover)

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Bongpyeong makes you think of "When the buckwheat flower blooms"(a famous Korean novel). A new dish has been created in honor of this novel: Buckwheat pasta.
Bonpyeong is famous to have inspired the novel ‘When buckwheat flowers bloom’. This dish named ‘Lover’ pays tribute to the novel.
This dish incorporates buckwheat pasta (made from 100% buckwheat) with a soy flavored sauce and with plenty of garlic. Buckwhat pasta merges a typically Korean ingredient with Italian cuisine. We invite you to taste the wonderful texture of Buckwheat Pasta.

Sold at:
Banglim Matguksu (Kangwon province Pyeonchang Banglim Seodongro 1323, T: 033-332-1151)
Yetgol(Kangwon province Pyeonchang Guipoong 1 road 5, T:933-336-3360)
Kkorobay (Kangwon province Pyeonchang Bongpyeong Taeguiro 68, T:033-332-2649)
Deodeok Aroma (Kangwon province Pyeonchang Nongpyeong Leehyosuk-gil 118, T:033-3350-6888)
Jinmi (Kangwon province Pyeonchang Bonpyeong Leehyosuk-gil 186-2, T:033-335-0242)
Bonpyeong Buckwheat Matguksu (Kangwon province Pyeonchang Bonpyeong Guipoongro 158, T:033-333-0535)
Shine(Kangwon province Pyeonchang Bonpyeon Baekwoondong-gil 29-6, T:033-336-4141)
Woochon (Kangwon province Pyeonchang Guipoongro 202, T:033-335-8888)
Ellim (Kangwon province Pyeonchang Jinbu Ttanggolgil 2-52, T:033-335-4050)
Black Gomushin (Kangwon province Pyeonchang Jinbu Ceonsongro 90-14, T:033-334-5602)

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