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Korean beef bulgogi(Arari)

Korean beef bulgogi(Arari) Share


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Hanwoo (Korean beef) representative of Pyeongchang!
Pyeongchang epitomizes the Korean spirit and its adamant will. Hanwoo is said to be the secret behind the health and longevity of Pyeongchang’s ancestors. Gangwon province, where Pyeongchang is situated, is renowned for premium free-range hanwoos.
We implore you to experience the pure-bred hanwoos’ depth and nuances of flavor as well as its tender texture.
In this dish, this globally famous hanwoo is paired with the best of vegetables.
The dish is accompanied by a Ssamjang (soybean paste) aioli sauce.
This dish is sure to shed light on the magnificence of the Hanwoo and inspires hope of victory at this year’s Olympic competition.

Sold at:
- Yetgol (Gangwondo Pyeonchang Bonpyeong Gipung 1-gil 9, T: 033-336-3360)
- Deodeok Hyang (Gangwondo Pyeonchang Bonpyeong Leehyosuk-gil 118, T: 033-335-6888)
- Hundle Bawee (Gangwondo Pyeongchang Bonpyeong Taegi-ro 1, T: 033-334-6788)
- Okbong Restaurant (Gangwondo Pyeongchang Bonpyeong Gipong-5-gil 16, T: 033-336-1367)
- Bonpeyeong Buckwheat Jinmi (Gangwondo Pyeonchang Bonpyeong Leehyosuk-gil 186-2, T:033-335-0242)
- Bonpyeong Buckwheat Aroma (Gangwondo Pyeonchang Bonpyeong Leehyosuk-gil 33-5)
- Shine(Gangwondo Pyeonchang Bonpyeon Baekwoondong-gil 29-6, T:033-336-4141)
- Bongpyeong’s Nature Scent (Gangwondo Pyeongchang, Bonpyeong Memilkot-gil 13, T:033-335-0034)
- Woochon (Gangwondo Pyeongchang Bonpyeong Gipoong-ro 202, T: 033-335-8888)
- Korea Hall (Gangwondo Pyeonchang Yonpyeong Kumsong-1-gil 14, T: 033-333-3103)
- Sansu Myeonsan (Gangwondo Pyeongchang Jinbu Odaesan-3-gil 13, T: 033-333-3103)
- Darae Restaurant (GAnwondo Pyeonchang Jinbu Chamsol-gil 20, T: 033-335-7632)
- Hwangtae Hall (Gangwondo Pyeongchang Jinbu Seokduro 11-5, T:033-336-6562)

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