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A new menu has been invented bringing out the subtle taste and texture of delicate trouts with a tomato and cream sauce. Dumplings are a food that bring good luck according to old Chinese receipes books. Koreans also refer to dumplings as 'pockets of luck'.
The new Trout dumplings that come with a tomato and cream sauce are a perfect combination of differing tastes fit for any occasion. Trouts are believed to be a 'superfood' as they have many health properties including being full of omega 3 oils and DHA.
We hope that our lucky Trout Dumplings bring good luck to this year's winter Olympics.

Also sold at:
- Yeongeol Trout Sashimi (Kangwon province Pyeonchang Yongpyeong Woondoryeongro 767-17, T:033-332-1115)
- Shuim Boulder (Kangwon province Pyeonchang Yonpyeong Woondoryeongro 651,T:033-333-1222)
- Trout House (Kangwon province Pyeonchang Araesang-gil 19-4,T:033-332-0505)
- Kihwayang Sashimi Restaurant (#495-6, PyeongChang Donggang-ro (Kihwa-ri), Mitan-myeon PyeongChang-gun Gangwon Province)
- Banglim Matguksu (Kangwon province Pyeonchang Banglim Seodongro 1323, T: 033-332-1151)
- Trout House (17, Memilkkot-gil (Wongil-ri), Bongpyeong-myeon PyeongChang-gun Gangwon Province,T:033-336-6635)

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