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Bibimbap salad(Yeoshim flower rice)

Bibimbap salad(Yeoshim flower rice) Share


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Reminiscent of an bibimbap’s lesser known name, Hwaban (translate to flower pot), as the presentation invokes the imagery of flowers. Bibimbap Salad is a sophisticated and colorful dish topped with a crispy tuile.
South Korea's iconic dish bibimbap is back with a modern twist: a sofisticated 'bibimbap salad' which comes with a crispy tuile. Bibimbap is a dish so famous and so popular worldwide that even Korea's major airline companies have decided to serve the dish during inflight meals. In old Korean cookbooks Bibimbap was hailed as the 'blooming rice' as its presentation looked similar to the form of a flower. The new Bibimbab Salad is full of wellbeing vegetables and made with local specialty ingredients such as buckwheat. This new dish is a rethinking of the traditional bibimbab into a modern and harmonious combination of many local ingredients. Delicious, nutritious and beautiful. The bibimbap salad will impress the palates of people all over the world.
Sold at:
- Yetgol (Gangwondo Pyeonchang Bongpyeong Gipoong 1 Gil 5, T:033-336-3360)
- Deodeok Hyang (Gangwondo Pyeonchang Bongpyeong Leehyosuk-gil 118, T:033-335-6888)

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