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Potatoes from the Kangwon province are transformed into a beautiful dessert with chocolate. Potatoes are not only full of nutrients but also culturally significant in Korean culture. The humble spud is made into a fabulous dessert with chocolate soil, and covered with cheonhaeyang(a type of orange grown in Korea) cheese mousse and white chocolate. Try this new chocolate dessert to blow your stress away. This dessert, worthy of representing Kangwon province, will win you over.

Available at:
Coffee Smell From My Bag (Gangwondo PyeongChang Bonpyeong Gipong 3 Gil 29, T:033-336-1600)
Shine (Gangwondo PyeongChang Bonpyeong Baekwoondong-gil 29-6, T:033-336-4141)
Coffee House (Gangwondo PyeongChang Bonpyeong Donghee Jangteo-gil 10-1, T:033-335-9922)
- Road 32 (Gangwondo PyeongChang Bonpyeong Jinbusijang Duit-gil 32,T:033-335-3212)

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