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#5413, Gyeonggang-ro (Hoenggye-ri), Daegwallyeong-myeon Pyeongchang-gun Gangwon Province

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Korea Travel Hotline

(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Gangwon Translation services for foreign tourist





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14:30 ~ 11:30

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Our pension is as a terrace on a cloud.
We are a green colored house amidst white snow and blue skies.
Over the Daegwallyeong skies, wind, cloud and snow in our green colored house there is one broken clock.
This is clock is the pride of our pension.
People say that the pictures on our web page do not do justice to the real thing.
In every room with have a mural painted by a real artist and we have a large terrace made with wooden materials.
On the second floor you may also find a swing on the terrace.
We provide fresh clean linens dailyfor the bedding (which is made of 100% cotton).
Our drinking water comes from 150m below ground.
We have a large sledge slope right next to the pension (sledges are free to rent).
We offer English translation services.
Our electronics are all state of the art including the air conditioning, the tv satellite, bidet, and wifi.
There are beautiful walking trails.
The abalone porridge and pollack soup served for breakfast is very much liked by all our guests (all our ingredients are organic).
You can also enjoy various activities such a table tennis, badminton, in the fresh air of Daegwallyeong.


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