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#843-2, Unduryeong-ro (Nodong-ri), Yongpyeong-myeon Pyeongchang-gun Gangwon Province

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15:00 ~ 11:00

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We hope that all our guests are filled with happiness at our pension.
Daegwallyeong is the location where you may find the optimal atmospheric living conditions.
The surroundings of our pension at Undooryeong has especially untouched nature.
Undooryeong is situated close to Gyeban mounatin in Gangwon province and its name indicates that it is a place whereupon you may see the clouds.
The drive to our pension is special as it takes you up to 1089m along the mountain sides.
Gyebang mounatin lies nest to Odeae Mountain and is the 5th highest mounatin in the country.
Because of the favorable conditions made possible by altitude, this area is filled with a diversity of herbs and medicinal plants and it remains also unaffected by extreme weather conditions such as floods or snow storms.
Undooryeon Pension is at 800m above sea level and close to the Undooryeon peak.
The air is fresh and clean and the stream and valleys under the mountain decorate its sceneries.
At night the fireflies and the stars in the skies light up a fantastic show.
During the hot summer the air is unusually cool and even mosquitoes choose to avoid this area.
You may enjoy walks in the surroundings of the pension to fill your lungs with the fresh air of all things green.
All of these description may not make this pension stand out from other pension in the surrounding areas but once you listen to the story of the owner, you'll want to visit at least once.
He is so very meticulous about the guests' rooms and he considers every guests as his own family and an important connection.
Every room is equipped with a barbeque so that guests may enjoy barbeque parties with fire baked potatoes and corn.
If the owner's in a good mood he'll also pick up a guitar and play your favorites tunes to which you may, of course, sing along.
Undooryeong Pension also grows dogs, ducks, geese, goats and turkeys and the animals too become part of the family.
The pension has a private valley with a stream amidst these vast mountains hills.
Once you make a connection with us we guarantee that you'll make your way back in no time.


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