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#527-79, Unduryeong-ro (Nodong-ri), Yongpyeong-myeon Pyeongchang-gun Gangwon Province

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Welcome to Muroo & Darae.
We are located deep within Gyeban Mountain where the four seasons are very starkly defined.
Muroo & Darae is a pension you can enjoy with your loved ones.
During the spring you'll be able to enjoy various vegetables grown in our own garden as well as the beautiful blooming flowers.
In the summer you'll be able to get refresh by the stream nearby where wild fish swim around.
In autumn the tree leaves will color the whole mountain brown and red offering a most splendid scenery.
Finally during the winter you'll be able to see nature covered in pure and white snow.
Muroo & Darae is located at the optimal 700m above sea level which is known to have healing properties.
At Muroo & Darae you'll be able to enjoy a slice of happiness at the best altitude.
Yonpyeong Nodongri 336-5.


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