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#2764-27, Gyeonggang-ro(Soksa-ri),Yongpyeong-myeon, PyeongChang-gun, Gangwon Province.

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Carpe Diem is the confluence of the end of city and the center of nature. The facility spanning 30,000-something pyong(one pyong is equivalent to 3.3 square meters), equipped with convenient facilities offers all convenience to the fullest. All the rooms are always maintained in a clean and convenient condition and are prepared to welcome a guest anytime. The interior of the rooms is decorated in a modern and simple fashion. Each of the rooms is complete with diverse equipment and convenient facilities with a mind of thinking of a customer one more time. This Carpe Diem Resort offers 'Happy Winter Package' which enables a guest to enjoy at the same time lodging and leisure in a ski season. Any guest who reserves a room in its homepage is given total 5 kinds of Leisure Coupons including any one of either Yongpyeong Resort Lift ticket or Carpe Diem Snow Sleigh Rink and Ice Sleigh Link.


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