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Nundaemok is the name of this new dish put togehter to celebrate the Olympics event in Pyeongchang. This dish uses Daegwallyeon's signature Hwangtae (grilled dried pollack) which is made by being repeatedly frozen and unfrozen to attain that unique taste and texture. Hwangtae is well known among Korean to be full of amino acids, protein and calcium. In this new dish Hwangtae is covered with egg and deep fried before being added to a clam stock with noodles made from gangwon province potatoes. The dish also incorporates a vareiety of vegetabes and shitake mushrooms. May Nundemok imbue the strength and passion of Gangwondo into you. Available at: Deodeok Hyang (Gangwondo Pyeongchang Bonpyeong Leehyosuk-gil 118, T:033-335-6888), Watermill (Gangwondo Pyeongchang Bonpyeong Leehyosuk-gil 152-1, T:033-336-9004), Bonpyeong Buckwheat Flower Matguksu (Gangwondo Bongpyeong Gipoongro 158, T:033-333-0535), Ma-na House (Gangwondo Pyeongchang YongpyeongKyunggangro 2733, T:033-334-0153), Hwangtae Hall (Gangwondo Pyeongchang Jinbu Seokduro 11-5, T:033-336-6562)

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