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Buckwheat is a food representative of the PyeongChang province. It is filled with nutrients and has a number of health benefits: the rutin in buckwheat is said to be good for blood circulation and diabetes. Buckwheat steamed bread is a healthy snack anyone can enjoy. The variety of Jjinpang (steamed breads) sold at Bongpyeong Traditional Market attract many customers. An assorment of top quality well being ingredients are used in making this delicious local specialty.
Sold at: Bonpyeong Buckwheat Jjinpang (Gangwondo Pyeonchang Bongpyeong heosaengwontoejang-gil 11, T:033-336-4936), Seolga Bonpyeong Buckwheat Jjinpang (Gangwondo Pyeonchang Bongpyeong Gipoongro 155,T:033-336-4057)

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