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Odaesan Mountain & River Wild Edible Greens Festival

Odaesan Mountain & River Wild Edible Greens Festival Share


#28-7, Jinbusaessak-gil, Jinbu-myeon
Gangwon Province. (Jinbu Traditional Market)

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A genuine good green world opens in Jinbu in May.

Odaesan Mountain & River Wild Edible Greens Festival filled with green scent is being held in Jinbu Traditional Market, every May.
Visitors can take a look at fresh wild edible greens including Chamnamul(Pimpinella brachycarpa), Gondeure, Gomchwi(a kind of groundsel), Ildanggwi(or Angelica acutiloba) and Gaedeureup(fresh sprouts of kalopanax) raised in the bosom of Odaesan Mountain and have a taste of rice mixed and sauteed with wild edible greens.

Visitors can make a lot of fond memories by participating in exhibitions and performances including Odaesan Mountain Wild Flower Photo Exhibition and 7080 Stage in addition to a variety of experiences including Scented Mini Pouch Making and Korean Paper Craft Experience.


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