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Daegwalryeong International Music Festival

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325, Solbong-ro, (Yongsan-ri), Daegwalryeong-myeon
Gangwon Province. (Alpensia Resort)

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Place : Daegwalryeong (Alpensia & Yongpyeong) and Gangwon Province

It is a world-class international music festival where world-renowned musicians mostly based in New York representing the 21st century present vibrant classical music harmonized with the natural environment of Daegwalryeong to realize an exquisite ensemble of the grand nature and classical music.


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Traffic information

Public transportation

Seoul – Alpensia Resort Shuttle (Information : 033-339-0000)

Seoul : Dongseoul Terminal → Hoenggye Bus Terminal (2:30 minutes)
Wonju : Wonju Intercity Bus Terminal → Hoenggye Bus Terminal (1:30 minutes)
Gangneung : Gangneung Intercity Bus Terminal → Hoenggye Bus Terminal (30 minutes)

* Use a taxi in Hoenggye Bus Terminal

Passenger car

Seoul : Singal IC → Hobeop IC → Manjong Junction → Daegwanryung I.C → Alpensia Resort
Busan : Daegu Busan Expressway → Gyeongbu Expressway → Jungang Expressway → Youngdong Expressway → Daegwanryung I.C → Alpensia Resort
Gwangju : Honam Expressway → Gyeongbu Expressway → Jungbu Expressway → Youngdong Expressway Bound for Gangneung → Daegwanryung I.C → Alpensia Resort

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