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#157, Leehyoseok-gil(Weongil-ri) Bongpyeong-myeon
Gangwon Province.




Festival name : PyeongChang Hyo-seok Culture Festival
Theme : Picturesque Buckwheat Flower Field
Subtitle : Buckwheat Flower Story / Fluttering Memories
Time : Sept. 2016.
Place : Bongpyeong-myeon (Culture Village)
Organizer : Lee Hyo-seok Literature Enhancing Association
Purpose : To create a fragrant literature village and a beautiful literature village on the strength of natural, cultural and geographical conditions of Bongpyeong and suggest a vision for a new cultural festival in the 21st century
– Facilitation in the regional economy through the emphasis on the image of the town as a clean tourist site and the creation of a year-round tourist destination.

Bongpyeong, the town that gave rise to a great writer Gasan Lee Hyo-seok in the contemporary Korean literary circles, is the actual setting of the famous novel "Memilkkotpilmuryeop" (When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom). The snow-white buckwheat flowers that look like white grains of salt sprinkled on the field give literary inspiration to visitors. At the end of August, visitors can feel the excitement of the village market in Bongpyeong. The Hyo-seok Culture Festival is held in honor of Gasan's affection for Literature. Visitors can appreciate the beauty of nature as it was described in the famous novel "Memilkkotpilmuryeop." The best part of of it is to watch the buckwheat fields under the moonlight.
Tourists are being invited to a "village of first love" where they will remember a recollection of a once in a lifetime beautiful story of love.Visitors can experience once in a lifetime kind of love in the fields of buckwheat flowers bursting into blossoms under the moonlight. A beautiful festival where you can reminisce the story of first love in the buckwheat flower fields in the novel, "Memilkkotpilmuryeop" . The warm-heartedness of the town people can be felt and the sights of people reminiscing their good old times against the backdrop of picturesque buckwheat flower fields.


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Get on an inter-city bus bound for Jangpyeong at Dongseoul Terminal (2 hours and 10 minutes/1, operated 18 times)
Get on an intra-city bus bound for Bongpyeong or a shuttle bus bound for Phoenix Park
Get on an intra-city bus bound for Daegu, Wonju, Jangpyeong and Bongpyeong

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Enter Youngdong Expressway at Hobeop or Singal IC and pass by Wonju and Saemal before getting out of PyeongChang IC and moving toward Bongpyeong (8km on National Road)
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Enter Jungang Expressway and make its way into Youngdong Expressway at Manjong Junction before moving toward Bongpyeong at PyeongChang IC (National Road No. 6)
Bound for Busan :
Enter Donghae Expressway and then make its way into Youngdong Expressway from Gangneung via Gangneung IC before moving toward Bongpyeong at PyeongChang IC (8km on National Road No. 6)
Enter Gyeongbu Expressway and make its way into Jungang Expressway at Daegu before entering Youngdong Expressway at Manjong Junction and moving toward Bongpyeong at PyeongChang IC (8km on National Road No. 6)

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