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#76, PyeongChang Jungang-ro(Ha-ri), PyeongChang-eup
Gangwon Province(Honam Gas Station )

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Period: October
Place : PyeongChang-eup, PyeongChang-gun

Happy 700 PyeongChang Festival is held in PyeongChang-eup with its theme' "Meet the Autumn Fairy Tale in PyeongChang on a Wonderful day in October," amidst a banquet of enchanting autumn leaves against the backdrop of Zinnia fields and winding PyeongChang River. It enables visitors to make fond memories in the Zinnia fields, enjoy the taste of the delicious foods PyeongChang Olympic Market, see various kinds of special products in a five-day traditional market in PyeongChang and find pleasures through unique experiences.
One can get on a direct express bus bound for Jeongseon via Youngdong Expressway from Dongseoul Terminal or use a passenger car and arrive To get to PyeongChang, take a direct express bus bound for PyeongChang Bus Terminal via Youngdong Expressway from Dong-Seoul Terminal in the Seoul Area.
For passenger cars you can arrive at PyeongChang Bus Terminal or PyeongChang-eup County Office.
Please refer to the map directions.


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