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Nectar Ritual Painting

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#374-8 (Dongsan-ri, Woljeongsa Temple), Odaesan-ro, Jinbu-myeon
Gangwon Province.


Cultural Asset


Gangwon Province's Tangible Cultural Asset No. 135.

Title : Yeongeunsa Temple
Classification : Portrait of Buddha
Quantity : One(1) piece
Designation Date : December 29, 2001.
Location : Woljeongsa Temple Seongbo Museum
Period: King Yeongjo of the Joseon Dynasty
Possessor : Yeongwonsa Temple
Administrator: Woljeongsa Temple.

This altar portrait of Buddha, a Nectar Ritual Painting was manufactured in 1759(in the 35th year of King Yeongjo's rule) and is full with life over the whole of the painting, The piece in which thick and murky red and green colors are mainly used shows well the universal characteristic of the 18th century paintings of Buddhism. The Nectar Ritual Painting or amrita painting is a picture of Buddhism which drew the scene in which Buddhism guides the creatures who dropped into perdition to a paradise. The gamrodo, or Nectar Ritual Painting is the painting which shows most the aspects of Buddhism in the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) which BuddhismㆍConfucianismㆍTaoism, folk beliefs and other diverse thoughts and faith are mixed each other. Further, the image of the diverse real life in the lower part of the picture is the factor which can bee seen in genre paintings. So, these all are a painting of Buddhism worthwhile to note in several aspects, including the general paintings.

The screen displays the various scenes which are easy-going and lively. Such a feeling of liveliness is more highlighted with deep-valley mountains and the relatively real expression of trees. The thick and murky red and green colors contrast against the background of the brown and black colors, which has the dark tone of color as a whole.


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