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#63 (Maha-ri, Baekryong Cave Ecology Center), Mitan-myeon, Munhee-gil
Gangwon Province.

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Type : Natural Monument No. 260
Title : PyeongChang Baekryong Cave
Classification : Cave
Area : 644,035㎡
Designation Date : February 10, 1979.
Location : #San-1 and other 1 lot, Maha-ri, Mitan-myeon, PyeongChang-gun
Period : Paleozoic Era
Possessor : Nation-owned
Manager : PyeongChang-gun Office

Located at 37°16′10″ north latitude and 128°34′54″ east longitude, the Baekryong Cave is a natural cave where the entrance is situated at 235 meters above seal level. The cave is seen to have been created approximately 500 million years ago and is located about 15 meters over the surface of the Donggang River.

The Baekryong Cave has been known among the residents of the village for quite a long time. Judging judging from the entrance of the cave, there is an ondol, the Korean floor heating system and the earthenware fragments are scattered around it, the cave is assumed to have been used as a dwelling place of our ancestors a long time ago. Also, an ox's femoral bones which are presumed to be artifacts of about 30,000 years ago were found with them coagulated in stalagmite, which adds a mystique to the cave. Particularly, the Baekunsan Mountain surrounding the Baekryong Cave and the course of the meandering river hold the beauty of the impeccable natural landscape as it was.


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