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Sangwonsa Temple Bronze Bell

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#1211-14 (Dongsan-ri, Sangwonsa Temple), Odaesan-ro, Jinbu-myeon
Gangwon Province.


Cultural Asset


The Sangwonsa Temple's Bronze Bell is the oldest and the most beautiful of all the extant bells in Korea. The Bronze Bell was cast in the 24th year(725) of King Seongdeok in the Silla Dynasty(57 BC - 935 AD) and was transferred to the now Sangwonsa Temple in the first year(1469) of King Yejong in the Joseon Dynasty(1392-1910). The Sangwonsa Temple's Bronze Bell, which is equipped with all characteristics unique to the Korean bells is 167 cm in height and 91 cm in mouth diameter.

The Bronze Bell is a signature bell of the Korean made bells, and its clear and ringing sound is unrivalled. Over the top of the bell, there is a dragon with strong toenails which is making a loop, and the sound tube which helps it vibrate is decorated with lotus flowers and crocket.

The Bronze Bell at Sangwonsa Temple is excellent in a carving technique and has an antique look in which the bottom part and the endmost part of the top of the whole body are narrowed toward the inside of the bell.


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