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Yongdasa Temple Bronze Buddhist Bell

Yongdasa Temple Bronze Buddhist Bell Share


#374-8, Odaesan-ro(Dongsan-ri), Jinbu-myeon
Gangwon Province. (Woljeongsa Temple)


Cultural Asset


Type : Gangwon Province Tangible Cultural Asset No. 133
Title : Yongdasa Temple Bronze Buddhist Bell
Classification : Bronze Buddhist Bell
Quantity : 1
Designation Date : Dec. 29, 2001.
Location : Woljeongsa Temple Seongbo Museum
Period : King Gojong
Possessor : Woljeongsa Temple
Manager : Woljeongsa Temple

This bronze Buddhist bell that was made during the Joseon Dynasty has been kept in Guryeongsa Temple in Wonju in a very dilapidated form. It carries significance in that it is difficult to find a Buddhist bell with Korean inscription. It has been exhibited in Gangwon Province Local History Museum since 1977 and was transferred to Woljeongsa Temple in September 1999 before being exhibited in Seongbo Museum. The bronze bell is not that important in terms of style, but it has the original inscription and additional inscription. It includes names of two Buddhist temples that enshrined the bronze bell, and the Korean name is indicated in literature. In particular, it is extremely difficult to find a bronze bell with Korean inscription made during that time.


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