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#374-8, Odaesan-ro(Dongsan-ri), Jinbu-myeon
Gangwon Province. (Woljeongsa Temple)

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Woljeongsa Temple, the Head Temple for the 4th District of the Jogye Order, is located in a dense forest in the eastern valley of Odaesan Mountain. "It is one of the best places among famous mountains in Korea. Buddhist cannon will prosper for a long time."
- Monk Ilyeon (Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms)

Woljeongsa Temple is located against the backdrop of Manweolsan Mountain and is surrounded by pure spirit of Manweolsan Mountain is full of conifer tree forests all year round which create a quiet scenery. Monk Tanheo restored Jeokgwangjeon Temple in 1964, and it has been continuously rebuilt by Monk Manhwa and Monk Hyeonhae to recover its original appearance as a great Buddhist temple. Although it lost numerous sacred artifacts and cultural assets due to several fires and wars, some of its unique structures and diversified treasure and cultural assets including the Nine-Story Octagonal Stone Pagoda which has been designated as a National Treasure have been preserved.


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Tourist attraction : Woljeongsa Temple
[ Adults (Individual/Group) : 3,000/2,500 ]
[ Soldier, Student (Individual/Group) : 1,500/1,000 ]
[ Kids (Individual/Group) : 500/400]
[ Silver Card Holders : Free ]

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GangneungIC → Youngdong Expressway → JinbuIC
Jungbu Expressway → Youngdong Expressway → JinbuIC

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