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Woljeongsa Temple Stupa

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#1076-15, Odaesan-ro(Dongsan-ro), Junbu-myeon
Gangwon Province (Sinseongam)

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Cultural Asset


Type : Cultural Asset Material No. 42
Classification : Stupa
Title : Woljeongsa Temple Stupa
Quantity : 22
Location : Woljeongsa Temple
Designation Date : Jun. 2, 1984.
Manager : Woljeongsa Temple
Possessor : Woljeongsa Temple

Stupa symbolizes a Buddhist monk’s tomb, and it refers to a place aimed to enshrine a Buddhist monk’s remains or Buddhist scriptures. This stupa field is located in fir forests developed in a path leading from Woljeongsa Temple to Sangwonsa Temple, and a total of 22 stupas are scattered. It is only 1 to 2 meters high and assumed to be erected after the middle of Joseon Dynasty.


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