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Woljeongsa Temple Yuksu (Six-Handed) Lady Buddha

Woljeongsa Temple Yuksu (Six-Handed) Lady Buddha Share


#374-8, Odaesan-ro(Dongsan-ri), Jinbu-myeon
Gangwon Province (Woljeongsa Temple)


Cultural Asset


Type : Gangwon Province Tangible Cultural Asset No. 53
Title : Woljeongsa Temple Yuksu Lady Buddha
Classification : Sculpture
Quantity : 1
Designation Date : Jun. 17, 1976.
Location : Woljeongsa Temple Seongbo Museum
Possessor : Woljeongsa Temple
Manager : Woljeongsa Temple

It is a Buddhist saint enshrined in Woljeongsa Temple established by Jajang Yulsa in the 12th year (643) of Queen Seondeok during the Silla Kingdom and expresses Lady Buddha with an intention of saving mankind with mercy. Since it has a total of six hands including three hands on each left and right shoulder, it is called Yuksu Lady Buddha, and it is made with gilt bronze. It has a slim body, and the casting technique is not that advanced, but it tends to be symmetric. Although six hands are projected, they don’t look awkward, so it is evaluated to be a masterpiece made in the Joseon Dynasty. It is 45㎝ long.


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