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Traditional House located at Daeha-ri, PyeongChang

Traditional House located at Daeha-ri, PyeongChang Share


#32-1, Daegol-gil (Daeha-ri), PyeongChang-eup
Gangwon Province


Cultural Asset


Type : Cultural Asset Material No. 128
Title : Traditional House located at Daeha-ri in PyeongChang Classification : Antique House
Quantity : 1
Designation Date : Jan. 22, 2001.
Location : PyeongChang-gun 141, Daeha-ri, PyeongChang-eup
Manager : Kim Nam-ok
Possessor : Kim Nam-ok

It is not known exactly when the house was built, but it is said that it has been handed down for about 13 generations. It has been rebuilt several times, and the current building was repaired 105 years ago. According to the inscription that says “Dogwang Eulyu (The 25th year of King Sunjo, 1825)” on decorative tiles at the roof, previous tiles were used as they were at a time of repairing the house. It well demonstrates a private house in PyeongChang and is worth preserving.


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