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#105, Kogilcheon-ro, PyeongChang-eup
Gangwon Province.(Igok-ri, Gamjakkot Studio)

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The Gamjakkot(or potato flower) Studio, which is located at Igok-ri, a mountainous village in PyeongChang, Gangwon Province is a remodelled structure of a small abandoned elementary school, a branch of Nosan Elementary School, located in the center of the village surrounded by the beautiful mountains. The studio was transformed from a children's school playground into a cultural facility. It has drawn an attention to the public to become a representative network project which makes use of closed schools.

The Gamjakkot Studio serves both as a space for creative activities of cultural artists who love Gangwon Province and its nature and as a cultural space for the local residents. The studios runs diverse culture, art, and educational programs for those residents of the region. "The school is always the center of the village," It is a dream space for the children of the village and a space of memories for the graduates. PyeongChang-gun Office added a modern touch to the abandoned school(PyeongChang Elementary School's Nosan Branch) and transformed it for various uses and learning facilities auditorium, library, museum, and restaurant. The facade of the studio absolutely stands out and the surrounding landscapes around the structure gives an impression that the abandoned school has been preserved.

The village is surrounded with mountains where the leaves have fallen off the ground, and the gentle flowing stream while on the other hand the steel structures and the transparent plastic designs of the studio exude a modern view and give an appearance that completely assimilated with nature that remains unchanged and unpolluted. A new sense of style is added to the building, but on a closer look, it leaves an impression of the viewers that the structure preserves the abandoned school the way it was and the original school branch still breathes. Inside the building, the landscapes outside are visible and you can even peer up at the sky. Diverse cultural events are performed on the stage of the abandoned school which are colorfully decorated and the building structure that matches its theme application of a cultural space is remarkably interesting. The Gamjakkot Studio is a place that will be developed into a center for local culture where everyone especially the village residents are welcome to join.


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