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Daegwallryeong New and Renewable Energy Exhibition Hall

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#5754(Hoenggye-ri, Gyeonggang-ro, Daegwallryeong-myeon
Gangwon Province.

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The Daegwallryeong New and Renewable Energy Exhibition is a place where you can learn about the principles of the future energy. New and renewable energy is an energy which uses the resources from the water, wind and sun sources, and those resources can be repeatedly used, although they are used once, which are environmentally friendly because they are acquired from nature. The Daegwallryeong New and Renewable Energy Exhibition, located at PyeongChang is an area where you can easily learn about the energy situations of Korea and its new and renewable energy, and the history and principles of wind power generation in Korea. There, a visitor can experience new and renewable energy in person.

The exhibition hall is composed of sections: 'Let it blow(Welcome Zone),' a symbolic space; 'Wind is the hope(Energy in Korea),' a zone which provides information about depletion of fossil fuel energy, the production and consumption of energy in Korea, the necessity and kinds of new and renewable energy, and competitiveness of wind power generation; 'Wind is the energy(wind power generation),'a zone which teaches about the history, principles, types and structure of wind power generation, and the wind power generation complexes of the world; and a theme space, 'Here is Daegwallryeong Wind Power Generation'. In addition there is a space experience, 'A wind energy playing ground,' which is composed of 9 experience exhibits, like solar cell worms, a water-using car, electricity which I myself generates, and feeling the wind. In the experience zone, juniors can make electricity in person and learn the principles of future energy and further, are able to see the Korean largest wind power complex, Daegwallryeong Wind Power Generation Plant.

* Opening date : Nov. 3, 2005.


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