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Lee Seung-bok Memorial Hall

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#500-1(Nodong-ri, Lee Seung-bok Memorial Hall), Unduryeong-ro, Yongpyeong-myeon
Gangwon Province.

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The Lee Seung-bok Memorial Hall is located in the place where there is the Unduryeong Pass which blows around the southwestern parts of Odaesan Mountain and the foots of Gyebangsan Mountain, as if it is twisting the mountains. In that region, Lee Seung-bok, a young elementary school student boy protested in front of the faces of North Korean armed agents by saying "I do not like the Communist Party" was killed by those North Korean soldiers that ended his short life. Going there, located at Nodong-ri, Yongpyeong-myeon, the cries of the little boy still make us feel the atrocity of the differences in the ideology in the period of division. In remembrance of the spirit of anti-communism of the little Lee Seong-bok boy and to awaken the public to the brutality of the North Korean communists, Pyeongchag-gun Office established the Lee Seung-bok Memorial Hall in March 1982. The memorial hall spanning 36,000 pyong (119,008 square meters) is being used as a venue for anti-communism education.

In the hall, there are 13 oil paintings about the life of the boy and 106 pieces of items which are on display. The Lee Seung-bok Memorial Hall has also a Nature Learning Exhibition Room which is barely seen in the main hall and in the surrounding urban areas, in which the architecture is being utilized as a multi purpose venue for learning.


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