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Daehwa Traditional Market

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#46, Daehwa 3-gil(Daehwa-ri), Daehwa-myeon
Gangwon Province.


Traditional Market


Daehwajang Market is located at an about –15-minute drive distance from PyeongChang. To get to PyeongChang, you have to get out of PyeongChang IC on Yeongdong Expressway.
Daehwajang Market which is held on a date ending the 4 and 9 days of every month dates back to the Joseon Dynasty(1392-1910) and in those days, the marketplace was crowded with merchants and shoppers as shown in the saying of “See the Daehwajang Market outside the Dongdaemun Gate in Seoul.”
When the Yeongdong Expressway opened, the Daehwajang Market reduced to a small country market today. Nevertheless, the marketplace still promotes a cozy and affectionate country’s kind-heartedness.
The Daehwa Traditional Market has abundant food including the yetnal sundae(Korean sausage), olchaengiguksu(or tadpole-shaped noodles), memilbuchim(or, buckwheat pancake), memiljeonbyoeng(or buckwheat crepe) and dotorimuk(or, acorn starch jelly) as well as the things to see, like Geumdang Valley(rafting), Galwang Mountain and Jangmi Mountain.

■ Year of establishment : March 21, 1958.

■ Market classification : Designated Market, Standing Market + Regular Marekt and General Market.


Added Informations

■ For inquiries : Daehwa-myeon Office 033-330-2604

■ Main handling items :
Garments, fish, miscellaneous goods, kitchenware, shoes, marine products, ago-products and fruits, etc.

■ Market size
● Area : Land area- 18,737㎡
● Number of shops : 110 (Store : 72, street stall : 38)

■ Association of merchants : Daehwa Traditional Market Association of Merchants

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