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Bongpyeong Traditional Market

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#11 (Changdong-ri), Heosaegwon Jangteo-gil, Bongpyeong-myeon
Gangwon Province

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Traditional Market


A main set for the well-known Lee Hyo-seok’s novel, ‘Memilggotpilmuryeop(or around the buckwheat flower-blossom time),“ the Bongpyeong Traditional Market, especially the Choongjujip House which the official called Heo Saengwon frequented and a watermill in the novel are the must-see in addition to the marketplace. When a market is hold on the 2 and the 7 days of each month, the marketplace is noisy and boisterous and brisk. Such an uproarious view still remains. In the market-opening days, there are the Deulsoripae(, or field sound party) performances, like tight roping in the air and samulnori(or (Korean) traditional percussion quartet). Also, you can experience a play of writing your wishes on the hanji(or traditional Korean paper) and tying it to the straw rope. The old-fashioned “Bbongjjak” sound and the loud calls of clothing, fish, fruit and shoes merchants exquisitely harmony each other. And the kind-heartedness of the people is generous and affectionate, despite of being out of one’s mind because of so much noisy and raucous voices Looking around the marketplace here and there, as if returning to your childhood, you will feel hungry in spite of yourself. Then, things to eat wait for you. The traditional foods in Bongpyeong, like the memil (or buckwheat) food made with buckwheat, including memil gooksu(or buckwheat noodles), memiljeon(or buckwheat pancake), memiljeonbyoeng(or buckwheat crepe) and memilmuk(buckwheat starch jelly), potato cake, and olchaengigooksu(or tadpole-shaped noodles) made with corn flour all arouse the cherishable jeong(or affection) of hometown buried deep in one’s heart.


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■ Market Day : The 2nd day and the 7th day of each month.


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