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#18 (Hajinbu-ri), Jinbushijangan-gil, Jinbu-myeon
Gangwon Province.


Traditional Market


The Jinbu 5-day Traditional Market is held on days ending on 3 and 8 of each month and is the largest market in PyeongChang-gun. Due to its huge standing population and a close accessibility to the expressway, many residents in both PyeongChang and Nae-myeon in Hongcheon-gun, Jeongseon-gun, and Bookpyeong-myeon visit the Jinbu Traditional Market.

People in Jinbu in the Joseon Dynasty(1392-1910) had a bit of pride because of the fact that when leaving Hanyang(now Seoul) to go to Gangneung going over the Daegwallryeong Pass, each and everyone had to encounter the Jinbujang Market. As the expressway opened and the big discount stores has started to appear, the Jinbuang Market has been reduced to a smaller size, yet it has maintained its brisk appearance until this present day.

When the market opens, the mountain residents start to get together and spread their wild vegetables and medicinal herbs with the aggregates and smell of the soil are still intact on the ground in their entirety. In another corner, the trendy new fashionable merchandises from Seoul arrive and stimulate the countryside women’s curiosity. The trucks full of freshly caught fish from Gangneung or Jumunjin sea come to Jinbujang Market in sequence.
The passion of the merchants who come from every corner across the nation fill the Jinbu Market with vitality so that the people who come and go or those who just want to look around will get deeply interested in the marketplace.
“Please give me a little more discount,” or “Every store offers a discount,” are phrases which are commonly heard. The more you bargain, the heavier your package you are holding with your both hands. Maybe you could easily get tired but you will not feel exhausted at the thought of having bought the goods at a cheaper price.
For all that, you cannot give up the delicacy of the Jinbujang Market. Now, please forget your package for a short time and leave to find food items to satisfy your five senses.

You should try some of their food delicacies like Memilmuk (buckwheat starch jelly) and Memiljeonbyeong(or buckwheat pancake), but the delicacy of all delicacies is definitely Olchaengiguksu. In Korea, while eating Olchaengi guksu which is made of corn flour, one may wonder why it does not contain olchaengi,
It is the same as there is no Boongeo (or carp fish) in "Boongoebbang" (or carp bread). When people hear the origin of such food like Olchaengi, they cannot help but to laugh out loud, nevertheless they would surely get engrossed in the thick taste of the food as well as the generosity of the people who visit the Jinbu Traditional Market.


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on the 3rd, 8th,13th.. 18th... day of the month


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