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#8-1 (Ha-ri), PyeongChangshijang 1-gil, PyeongChang-eup
Gangwon Province.

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Traditional Market


The PyeongChang Olympic Market is a traditional market characterized as a 5-day people's market. It is an established market which has a long held history of vitality. The market is open on days ending on the 5th and 10th day of the month.
The market place in particular is famous for its traditional food like buckwheat pancake, memiljeonbyeong or buckwheat crepe, and the taste of the memilpuchim which is unique to the region. Memilbuchim is the signature food of PyeongChang. The Memilbuchim Festival is held here in PyeongChang, you can enjoy a variety of experiences including making of memilbuchim.
In addition to the memilbuchim, the PyeongChang Olympic Market has a lot of other foodstuffs to offer, including Dotorimuk, Sundae (Korean Sausage), Potato Buchim (Potato Pancakes) and olchaengiguksu(or tadpole-shaped noodles) and further more you can even taste high-quality specialities of PyeongChang, like potato and greens(or mountain vegetables).
In recent years, the PyeongChang-gun County Office has coordinated with local celebrities for the promotion of the market's signature products. Such diverse programs includes cultural events, like appointment of an ambassador to the region, installation of a life-size (bromide) picture of a celebrity, concerts and Madanggeuk (a Traditional Korean Performance) as well as market tour and shopping, and auction of the regional specialities. Through such events and programs, the PyeongChang Olympic Market is standing on tiptoes as a market which is full with jeong(meaning human attachment) prompts an exciting taste and prettiness.

■ Market classification : Designated Market, Standing Market and General Market.


Added Informations

■ Main handling items :
Garments, fish, miscellaneous goods, kitchenware, shoes, marine products, ago-products and fruits, etc.
■ Facility size
● Area : Land area- 6,986㎡, Building area- 5,705㎡

■ Number of shops and number of merchants
● Number of shops : 54 (building stores)
● Number of merchants : 104 (shopkeepers: 54, employees: 50)

■ Association of merchants : PyeongChang-eup Traditional Market Association of Merchants


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