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#77 (Ha-ri, PyeongChang-gun Office), Guncheong-gil, PyeongChang-eup
Gangwon Province

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Make unforgettable memories of your camping tour in PyeongChang which is boastful of its high and deep mountains, a feeling of refreshment created by its clean waters and blue forests, and the night sky whose stars are extraordinarily closer to you. All camping sites listed in the PyeongChang Camping Tour homepage are all camping grounds registered with PyeongChang-gun Office in accordance with Article 4, Clause 1 of Tourism Promotion Act and Article 2 of Enforcement Decree to the same act.

◈ PyeongChang Camping Tour Campsite Members :

Beolttagi(or star plucking) Campsite,
Sollip(or pine tree leaf) Auto Campsite,
Heungjeong Valley Camping 700,
Heungjeong Valley Auto Campsite,
Banditburi(or firefly) Campsite,
Jjokbit Haneul(or indigo sky) Campsite,
Bongpyeong Magari Campsite,
Camppang 494,
Three Brother-and- Sister & Moongchine Campsite,
Solseom(or pine island) Auto Campsite,
Gyebangsan Mountain Auto Campsite,
PyeongChang Shuemdeohagi Glamping Park,
The National Dutasan Natural Recreational Forest,
Odaesan Blue Valley Outdoor Campsite,
Kensington Flora Glamping Park,
Yonggol Salmon and Camping,
Ggumeuidaehwa(or conversation in dream) Campsite,
Cheongoksan Ggaebimaeul Outdoor Campsite.

※ For detailed information, see the PyeongChang Camping Tour homepage.

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