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#1011-26(Cheokcheon-ri, Bangadari Yaksusanjang(or, Mineral Spring Mountain Cabin), Bangadari-ro, Jinbu-myeon
Gangwon Province.

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The about 300-meter fir forest trail from The Information Center to the mineral spring is perfect to take a forest bath because it is not polluted and the forest smells great. The thick forest is composed of a many number of broadleaf trees, like fir trees, nut pines, pine trees, pine, spruces and schmidts birches. all the trees being in harmony each other. The mineral spring flowing from the dense forest mainly contain iron and carbonic acid, which has an efficacy to treat stomach disorder and skin disease, etc. The new mineral water in the neighborhood is also said to have a special efficacy for neuralgia.

Origin of Bangadari Mineral Spring

A long time ago, an old man whose family name was Lee in Gyeongsang Province and who was suffering from disease searched for noted doctors in every nook and corner of the counter. He ate all medicines which were said to be effective, but they did not work well at all. So, he was about to give up on life. The sick and old man who could not live much longer left home to find the scenic places to spend his not long time left in the well-known mountains. One day, the senior arrived at this mineral spring and slept in the open to sleep under a cozy tree. In the dream, another old man appeared and asked the sick person, "Why on earth do you sleep in the heart of the mountain?“ The circumgyrating person told his situations. The old man appearing in the dreams offered to him saying that "Then, dig the place where you lie down,” and disappeared suddenly. The sick person dug and the clear water gushed out. So, the sick stayed there for a few days more and drank the water. He ended up getting over his illness and afterwards, he served the spring water site as a mountain spring altar and extended it every courtesy.


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