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#291-42, Heungjeonggyegok-gil(Heungjeong-ri), Bongpyeong-myeon. PyeongChang-gun, Gangwon Province.

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After reading Ryu Dal-yeong's (Ph.D) "Insaengnote" (or LIfe Notes" ) in his high school days, Lee Ho-soon (60), the operator of the Herb Country had decided to live a farming life. As a consequence, with a high position in a large company, he quit his job and came to Bongpyeong with his wife to establish the Herb County. The couple cultivated the herb farm beautifully of how it is today with their sincerity and devotion. Entering the farm, it creates an illusion that you have come to another world. The signboard which is charmingly decorated with all kinds of colors is very impressive and so, as soon you enter the farm you will find yourself in great admiration. It is also a romantic place for lovers.
You may also want to try the different herb scents which provides a breath of fresh air and aroma. You should also see the Turkey Gallery. There are restaurants and lodging facilities inside the Herb County too.


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