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Pyeongchang Culture & Tourism - Welcome To Dongmakgol - (Mitan-myeon) PyeongChang Tourist Information

Welcome To Dongmakgol - (Mitan-myeon)

Welcome To Dongmakgol - (Mitan-myeon) Share


#122 Dongmakgol-gil(Yulchi-ri), Mitan-myeon


Film Shooting Site


Dongmakgol Story

The film, “Welcome To Dongmakgol” revolves around Smith(Steve Taschler) the soldier of the Allied Force who participated in the Korean War and suddenly crashed to the Dongmakgol valley, the North Korean People's Army dropout Lee Su-hwa(Jeong Jae-young) and his party, and the South Korean Army soldier Pyo Hyun-cheol(Shin Ha-gyun), who walked away from his unit and got lost. The film starts from their accident encounter in Dongmakgol. Those who could never mingle each other gather together at one place and the tight tense casts over the peaceful village. The South Korean army soldier, the North Korean army soldier and the American solider eye one another in the Dongmakgol, the backcountry of Gangwon Province which does not know even the outbreak of the war, but they are getting slowly assimilated with Yeo-il(Gang Hye-jeong),a girl who is not scare about grenades and the naive as well as the innocent people of the village who do not have knowledge about things, like "Hands up." To the contrary to the initially super-tense situations, those 3 soldiers plow the fields, kill a wild boar and ride a grass sleigh. By doing so, they start to open their minds towards the opposite parties and become to be on a same boat. However, the peace in war does not last long and the tense of the war ends up swooping the Dongmakgol village.

Various sides of the set

The first thing that welcomes the visitors to the Dongmakgol is the big shade tree which stands tall in the middle of the village. Around the shade tree in the neighborhood of the village, there are a small stream and a single log tree. And next to the tree, there are a tree swing, a well and a wash place, a smithy and a toilet and more in a charming way. Seeing a model of the airplane which the crashed allied force’s solider was on board, a flat table of the village head’s house, and a tiny room in which the North Korean army solider and the South Korean army solider slept on the upper side of the filming site, one stops walking. The fact that these all are the outcome of an artificial village, which was completed out of cutting the mountain without anything at all, while making a road, planting the trees and creating a small stream knock the visitor’s hat off. The set which do not charge the viewers at all inspires them to feel a sense of extraordinary interest which they cannot do in the movie by stopping by the village without any burden, making them hold good memories for the community.


Added Informations

Transport Information

Public transportation

Passenger car

The set place in which the exiting story of the move, “Welcome To Dongmakgol” unfolded is located at Yulchi-ri, Mitan-myeon. To go to the filming site, you just have to take a PyeongChang IC from Youngdong Expressway and go along the road to PyeongChange and onward to Mitan. When getting to Mitan, there is a Yulchi Samgeori, a three-way intersection. From there, drive 2 kilometers more to Yeongwol and turn your right. Then, you can meet a unpaved road. Continue to drive about 2 kilometers more along the unpaved road and then, you can finally get to the entrance of the set. When reaching the entrance, the cool and clean waters flowing downward from the mountain on one side welcome the visitors. They take a sip of water to cool off and go on walking about 150 meters up the single path on which even a car can run. At last, you get to the film venue.


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