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Stairways of Heaven, etc – Bangadari Mineral Spring

Stairways of Heaven, etc – Bangadari Mineral Spring Share


#1011-26 (Cheokcheon-ri, Bangadari Mineral Spring Mountain Cabin), Bangadari-ro, Jinbu-myeon
Gangwon Province

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This is well-known for the best fir tree afforestation in the nation. The about 300-meter fir forest trail from the ticket office to the mineral spring is perfect to take a forest bath because it is not polluted and the forest smells great. The thick forest is composed of a many number of broadleaf trees, like fir trees, nut pines, pine trees, pine, spruces and schmidts birches. all the trees being in harmony each other. The mineral spring flowing from the dense forest mainly contain iron and carbonic acid, which has an efficacy to treat stomach disorder and skin disease, etc. The new mineral water in the neighborhood is also said to have a special efficacy for neuralgia.

The Bangadari Mineral Spring is famous of its drama filming site The films which have been shot in the site include , , , and to name a few.


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