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Memories of The Sword – Lee Hyo-seok Literature Forest

Memories of The Sword – Lee Hyo-seok Literature Forest Share


#97, Literature Forest Path, (Changdong-ri), Bongpyeong-myeon
Gangwon Province (Hyo Seok Literature Forest Park)

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Lee Hyo-seok Literature Forest is set against the backdrop of his novel, "Memilkkotpilmuryeop." It reenacts characters in the novel through the use of puppets. Re-produced Market Site, Chungju House and plants that appeared in the novel adds to fun. There is a stone with an inscription containing paragraphs of ‘Memilkkotpilmuryeop.’ As Literature Forest well preserves the clean environment, it is expected to serve as the best cultural learning center in terms of literature. Meanwhile, the film titled ‘Memories of The Sword’ was made in the buckwheat flower field while creating amazing sceneries harmonized with buckwheat flowers.


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