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A pleasant feeling of gliding on the silver light Mother Nature at full speed!

PyeongChang has a long cold snowy winter boasting of the largest amount of snowfall in Korea. Since resorts in PyeongChang are distinguished with excellent snow condition and equipped with various convenient facilities, they are cited as one of the best ski resorts by many skiers and snow boarders.
As they can be easily accessed and offer various accommodations and amenities, PyeongChang is frequented by many people who want to enjoy winter leports and make fond memories.

Added Informations

■ PyeongChang Alpensia Resort
Alpensia Resort consists of specialized 6 slopes for snow boarders and family skiers and offers a 1.4km slope for beginners and intermediate skiers to enable not only skilled skiers but also beginners to enjoy skiing dynamically. It operates dedicated slopes for mania snow-boarders so that they can enjoy unprecedentedly rapid speed at Alpensia Ski Slope & Snow Board Ground. Alpensia Resort During off-season, 100,000㎡ of zone at the bottom of ski slopes turn into a wildflower garden. Alpensia Resort is a multi-functional ski resort operated through four seasons on the back of continuous operation during on/off seasons.
*Refer to homepage for details.

■ Yongpyeong Resort
Yongpyeong Resort, the Korea’s first resort, has built its reputation as a comprehensive recreation center equipped with the Korea’s largest ski slopes, golf courses and water parks. Since it is well equipped with hotels and condominiums, it draws tourists not only from Korea but also from China and Japan. Visitors can dabble in water in Park Island, a water park, in the summer, and enjoy active leports in world-class ski slopes equipped with a variety of slope courses ranging from a beginner course to the most advanced course in the winter.
*Refer to homepage for details.

■ Bokwang Phoenix Park
Phoenix Park operated by Bokwang Group is a comprehensive recreation resort equipped with diversified leports facilities ranging from ski slopes and golf courses to water parks, MTB, swimming pools and bowling alleys. If one climbs Mont Blanc, the summit of Taegi Mountain, in a gondola in Phoenix Park boasting of the blessed natural environment, he or she can take a glance at the spectacular sight of Taebaeksan Mountains stretching from south to north.
*Refer to homepage for details.

■ PyeongChang Alpensia Resort : 033-339-0000
Yongpyeong Resort : 033-335-5757
Bokwang Phoenix Park : 1588-2828

■ PyeongChang Alpensia Resort :
Yongpyeong Resort :
Bokwang Phoenix Park :

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