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Daehwa Fair Road

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# 19-11, Sangsongbin 1-gil(Shin-ri), Daehwa-myeon
Gangwon Province

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It is a rural road filled with agricultural taste and landscape along Soksacheon Stream and Daehwacheon Stream. The section passes through the entry of Seoul National University PyeongChang Campus after Jaesanjae Hill in the direction of Daehwa Traditional Fair, one of settings of the novel ‘Memilkkotpilmuryeop.’ Visitors can have a chance to take a look around such local attractions as Tomato Glass Greenhouse Cultivation Complex, Geumdangsan Mountain Trail, Beopjangsa Temple, Daeheungsa Temple, Ddamtti Park and Daehwa 6-ri Gwangcheon Village, the Farming Village Experience Village, while recalling the past and feeling warm hospitality of PyeongChang.


Added Informations

Section : Yongpyeong Rapids ~ Daehwa Ddamtti Park
▶ The total distance : about 13.3km
▶ The time required : about 3 hours~3 hours and 30 minutes
▶ The level of difficulty : ★★★ (Average)

■ A point of departure : 301-8, Jangpyeong-ri, Yongpyeong-myeon, PyeongChang-gun, Gangwon Province (Yongpyeong Rapid (Rest Area))
Yongpyeong Rapid (Rest Area) - Soksacheon Stream Suro-gil – Front of Jangpyeong 2-gyo – Jangpyeongcheonbo Crossing – Aninpyeonggyo Bridge – Geumdang Street Corner (Geumdang-gil Crossing) – Slope – Jaesanjae Hill (Back Gate of PyeongChang Campus of Seoul National University) – Entry of Sangsongbin 1-gil – Sin 2-ri Community Center Front Road – Front Gate of Seoul National University PyeongChang Campus – In front of Ddambong – Biogyo Bridge Crossing – Gurap Village Bridge Crossing – Rest Area (Neobudaegyo Bridge in front of Godaedonggyo Bridge) – In front of Hagwangcheongyo Bridge – PyeongChang Silver Center – In front of Deotgaesugyo Bridge – In front of Daehwa 7-ri Bridge – Daehwa Ddamtti Park

Transport Information

Public transportation

A from Jangpyeong Intercity Bus Terminal – Rapid (Jangpyeong-ri)

Passenger car

Youngdong Expressway PyeongChang IC – Rapid (Jangpyeong-ri)

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