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Culture Village Dulle-gil

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#30, Hyoseokmunhak-gil(Changdong-ri), Bongpyeong-myeon
Gangwon Province




Culture Village Dulle-gil is a tour course to take a look around Bongpyeong Hyo Seok Culture Village, the actual Setting of the novel ‘Memilkkotpilmuryeop’ ("When the Buckwheat Flowers Bloom") authored by Gasan Lee Hyo-seok , the great master of modern Korean literature.
Bongpyeong Hyo Seok Culture Village was designated as the first cultural village in the country in 1990. The Buckwheat flowers that look like sprinkled white grains of salt that bloom yearly, every September make the visitors truly inspired.
Lee Hyo-seok Literature Museum, the Green House, and Lee Hyo-seok’s Birthplace enable visitors to find the vestiges of Hyo-seok’s life. An old-fashioned watermill, donkey stable and the buckwheat flower field make the place interesting to get into the atmosphere described in the novel. It opens a path to learn literature in nature.


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