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Old PyeongChang River Road

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#99-30, Chansaemnaegi 2-gil(Jujin-ri), PyeongChang-eup
Gangwon Province.

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This section enables visitors to appreciate the beautiful landscape and the rocky cliffs surrounding PyeongChang River. Crossing over the mountain and passing through a woodland path along an old waterway, hikers can breathe clean fresh air while walking and enjoying the clean environment. Riverside roads in Jujin-ri and Yonghang-ri boast of a picturesque landscape that look like a landscape painting. The cool wind blowing from a river and the sound of flowing water in clear PyeongChang River will enable visitors to make a lot of fond memories.


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Section : Bangrim Agriculture Industrial Complex ~ Senior Center in Yonghang-ri in PyeongChang ▶ The total distance : about 10.4km ▶ The time required : about 2 hours 30 minutes~3 hours ▶ The level of difficulty : ★★★ (Average) ■ A point of departure : #634-1, Bangrim-ri, Bangrim-myeon, PyeongChang-gun, Gangwon Province (Bangrim Agriculture Industrial Complex) Bangrim Agriculture Industrial Complex – Baetjae Yetgil – Entry of PyeongChang-gun Public Graveyard – Baetjae Yetgil – Jujin 2-ri Community Center – Village Road – Jujin Church Bypath – Sangchon Church Crossing – Jujin-ri Riverbank Road – PyeongChang Riverside Road – Yonghanggyo Bridge Crossing – Riverside Road in front of Yonghang-ri Senior Center – Village Inner Road – PyeongChang Yonghang-ri Senior Center

Transport Information

Public transportation

Get on a bus bound for PyeongChang-eup in Jangpyeong Intercity Bus Terminal – Bangrim Agriculture Industrial Complex

Passenger car

Turn left at Youngdong Expressway PyeongChang IC (Bound for PyeongChang-eup and Daehwa) – Daehwa – Bangrim Agriculture Industrial Complex

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