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Seonjae-gil Road (A Woodland Path for Meditation in Odaesan Mountain)

Seonjae-gil Road (A Woodland Path for Meditation in Odaesan Mountain) Share


#1211-14, Odaesan-ro(Dongsan-ri), Jinbu-myeon
Gangwon Province (Sangwonsa Temple)

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A woodland path for meditation in Odaesan Mountain starts at Iljumun Gate at the entrance of Woljeongsa Temple and leads to Sangwonsa Temple by passing through spruce forest paths and Woljeongsa Temple. The path was a pilgrim’s trail for Buddhists offering a prayer in Sangwonsa Temple before a road was built at the end of 1960s.
The woodland path starts at Hoesageori after Banyagyo Bridge. Walking trails continue along forest paths and valleys after Seopdari Bridge and Stepping Stone Bridge, and Odaesan Valley and dense forests spreading out under the blue sky look as if they were a landscape painting. It is a fantastic trail where children can have learning experiences through forests, history and valleys.


Added Informations

Section : Iljumun Gate in Woljeongsa Temple ~ Sangwonsa Temple
▶ The total distance : about 8.5km
▶ The time required : about 2 hours and 30 minutes
▶ The level of difficulty : ★★★ (Average)

■ A point of departure : Dongsan-ri, Jinbu-myeon, PyeongChang-gun, Gangwon Province (Iljumun Gate in Woljeongsa Temple)

Iljumun Gate – Spruce Forest Path – Woljeongsa Temple – Banyagyo Bridge – Hoesageori – Bomegi – Seopdari – Odaesanjang – Dongpigol Camp – Sangweongyo Bridge – Sinseonam Temple – Sangweon Exploration Support Center – Sangwonsa Temple

Transport Information

Public transportation

Get on a bus bound for Woljeongsa Temple in Jinbu Intercity Bus Terminal – Woljeong Exploration Support Center – Iljumun Gate of Woljeongsa Temple

Passenger car

Turn left at Youngdong Expressway Jinbu IC (Bound for Odaesan Mountain National Park) – Turn left at Woljeong Three-Way Intersection – Entry of Odaesan Mountain National Park – Iljumun Gate of Woljeongsa Temple

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