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Jindduru Majung-gil Road

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#10, Galjeongji-gil (Jangpyeong-ri), Yongpyeong-myeon
Gangwon Province (Geumsong Hall)

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Jindduru Majung-gil Road starts at Soksacheon Riverbank in the back of Jangpyeong Intercity Bus Terminal. It is a 5km trekking course where one can walk along Soksacheon Riverbank boasting of clean water before passing over Geumseonggyo Bridge and enjoy peaceful rural landscape created by riverbank roads and various paths around Youngdong Expressway. Most Jangpyeong areas consist of gentle mountainous districts, and it is typical of a rural village in Gangwon Province where Youngdong Expressway goes through its center against the backdrop of Soksacheon Stream. Jindduru is an old name of Jangpyeong-ri because it has an elongated field in the village, and Majung-gil refers to “receiving guests with warm-hearts.”


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Section : In the back of Jangpyeong Intercity Bus Terminal ~ Riverbank Road ~ In the back of Jangpyeong Intercity Bus Terminal ▶ The total distance : about 5km ▶ The time required : about 1 hour and 30 minutes ▶ The level of difficulty : ★ (Very easy) ■ A point of departure : Jangpyeong-ri, Yongpyeong-myeon, PyeongChang-gun, Gangwon Province (In the back of Jangpyeong Intercity Bus Terminal) In the back of Jangpyeong Intercity Bus Terminal – Soksacheon Riverbank Promenade (Unpaved Road) - Geumsonggyo Bridge – Village Riverbank Road (Cement Pavement) – Roads Around Youngdong Expressway (Unpaved Road) - Jangpyeong Elementary School Road (Cement Pavement) – Jangpyeonggyo Bridge – Downtown Fire Road (Asphalt Pavement Road) – Jangpyeong Intercity Bus Terminal

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Turn left at Youngdong Expressway PyeongChang IC – Jangpyeong Intercity Bus Terminal – Soksacheon Riverbank

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