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Namsan Mountain Dulle-gil, PyeongChang

Namsan Mountain Dulle-gil, PyeongChang Share


#19, Munhwayesul-gil(Jongbu-ri), PyeongChang-eup
Gangwon Province

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Namsan Mountain Dulle-gil is a 7km-long course where trekkers can walk along Waterside Deck Road developed around PyeongChang River enveloping PyeongChang-eup before passing through a village and strolling along PyeongChang Riverbank Road.
The course enables trekkers to appreciate beautiful PyeongChang River and is located close to downtown areas where visitors can admire rural landscape, so it can be conveniently used and connected to Namsan Mountain Wood Bathing Site.

• A Path of Freedom from All Ideas and Thoughts
(A path where one can stroll in a frame of mind void of all ideas and thoughts forgetting about all complicated world affairs)

• A Path of Meditation
(A course where one forgets about the complexity of the world through meditation and prayers while appreciating beautiful rivers and mountains far afield)


Added Informations

Section : (Formerly known as) Jonbugyo Bridge in PyeongChang-eup ~ Jongbu-ri ~ (Formerly known as) Jonbugyo Bridge in PyeongChang-eup
▶ The total distance : about 7 km
▶ The time required : about 2 hours
▶ The level of difficulty : ★★★ (Average)

■ A point of departure : Jongbu-ri, PyeongChang-eup, PyeongChang-gun, Gangwon Province (formerly known as Jongbugyo Bridge)
(Formerly known as) Jonbugyo Bridge in PyeongChang-eup (Parking available) – Namsan Deck Road – Back of PyeongChang Sports Complex – Jongbu Methodist Church – PyeongChang Riverbank Road – PyeongChang Terrace Land on the River – (Formerly known as) Jonbugyo Bridge in PyeongChang-eup

Transport Information

Public transportation

Public transportation : Start from PyeongChang Intercity Bus Terminal – (Formerly known as) Jonbugyo Bridge

Passenger car

Passenger car : Turn left at Youngdong Expressway PyeongChang IC (Bound for PyeongChang-eup and Daehwa) – Daehwa – Bangrim Three-Way Intersection – PyeongChang-eup – (Formerly known as) Jonbugyo Bridge

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