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Snow Flower Village

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#27-22, Chahangseonyeok-gil (Chahang-ri), Daegwallyeong-myeon
Gangwon Province.

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Farming Village Experience


Snow Flower Village is a small rural village located at the foot of Hwangbyeongsan Mountain, a dangerous high range of Baekdudaegan.
Since it has a high ground, it has become a starting point of domestic highland agriculture and a place of advanced ranch.
It is also the birthplace of Korean ski, and PyeongChang Hwang Byeong San Hunting Folk, Gangwon Province Intangible Cultural Asset No. 19, makes visitors feel proud of sports and culture.
As forests occupy 80% of the village, Snow Flower Village Rural Eco Experience Center was opened under the auspices of Korea Forest Service and PyeongChang-gu in 2008.
It runs programs enabling visitors to experience wild herbs and vegetables including groundsels and cirsium setidens in addition to dog’s-tooth violets blooming in the remaining snow in the spring.
It also operates programs enabling visitors to experience guerilla training and cook rice with thistle in an iron pot in the summer.
It offers programs enabling families to ride a donkey and go on a picnic and make an illustrated plant book in the autumn.
It enables visitors to enjoy snow in diverse ways including sledging in the winter.
It is also considered as a year-round experience site where visitors can take a rest and experience horse-riding, four-wheel bicycling, PyeongChang Hwang Byeong San Hunting Folk and performances.


Added Informations

Accommodations, outdoor stage, pond, sledding slope, rest area (restaurants & cafeteria), barbecue site, archery experience site, barrack experience site, aged gimchi storeroom, folk experience center, seminar rooms and etc.


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