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101, Gyechon-gil, (Gyechon-ri), Bangrim-myeon
Gangwon Province (Bangrim-myeon Gyechon Branch Office)

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Gyechon Village is located in an area 700 meters above the sea level where human biorhythms are optimized, so it is better known as happy700. It is typical of a rural village full of beautiful natural sceneries, generosity and unlimited growth potential. Visitors can have a pleasure of watching a variety of wild flowers in the spring and enjoying green forests and cool valleys in the summer. They can relish colorful autumn leaves in each and every peak and enjoy snow and skiing in the winter. Since it is equipped with a wonderful natural environment featuring fresh air and clear water generated from 700 High Ground, villagers are concentrated on making the most of the natural environment at a time of conducting economic activities and endeavoring to preserve crystal cleanness. Gyechon Village boasts of an amazing natural environment where it changes every season. The entire Gyechon Village is surrounded by clean valleys and mountains. Baekdeoksan Mountain, the most popular tourist attraction in Gyechon, is visited by 10,000 mountain-climbers every year. Visitors can have fun inhaling wild edible greens in the spring, enjoying fall foliage in the autumn and hiking in the winter. Visitors can enjoy Goat Ranch, Trout Experience Site and rafting as well. PyeongChang-gun selected as an expected venue for 2008 Winter Olympic Games has such ski resorts as Yongpyeong Resort and Bokwang Phoenix Park 50 minutes away from Gyechon, and Welli Hilli Park is 10 minutes away from there, so visitors can enjoy a variety of winter sports to the fullest extent. In addition, it takes only 2 hours to shuttle between Seoul and the capital area on the back of newly renovated National Highway No. 42, which is cited as the strongest point of Gyechon Village. Gyechon Village is a productive center of clean farm produce. Gyechon Village is an area of production of such chemical-free natural foods and clean produce as highland vegetables including white radish and Chinese cabbage as well as chili, lettuce, waxy corn, potato, mixed grains and wild edible greens. As various crop units such as Gyechon Information Village Crop Unit and PyeongChang Farm Agriculture Cooperatives have been facilitated, quality agricultural products are produced, and they get the limelight in various agricultural markets. In particular, PyeongChang Farm Agriculture Cooperatives operates Trout Experience Site and Goat Ranch and sells salted cabbages and agricultural products.


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Transport Information

Public transportation

Dongseoul Bus Terminal : <br/>
Get on a bus bound for PyeongChang, Daehwa and Ungyo or get on an intra-city bus bound for PyeongChang, Daehwa and Ungyo <br/>
Gangneung & Wonju Terminal : <br/>
Get on a bus bound for PyeongChang and Daehwa or get on an intra-city bus at PyeongChang and Daehwa<br/>
Intra-city bus (bound for Gyechon) : <br/>
PyeongChang 06:20 / 08:00 / 10:15 / 13:10 / 15:30 / 17:30<br/>
Intra-city bus (bound for Ungyo) : <br/>
Daehwa 08:50 / 11:00 / 13:15 / 16:05 / 17:20

Passenger car

Youngdong Expressway Saemal IC (30 minutes) - National Highway No. 42 (bound for Anheung) Youngdong Expressway Dunnae IC (30 minutes) - Youngdong Expressway PyeongChang IC bound for Gyechon (40 minutes) - National Highway No. 31 (bound for Daehwa) - Take National Highway No. 42 at Bangrim Three-Way Intersection


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