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#32, Utneobunae-gil(Daehwa-ri), Daehwa-myeon
Gangwon Province

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Daehwa 6-ri located 1.5km along National Highway No. 31 in the direction of Jangpyeong is known as Gwangcheon (Neobunae) because it has a wide river, and it has been famous for warm-heartedness of villagers. Gwangcheon Village was formed with three natural towns including Witneobunae, Araetneobunae and Godae, and meandering roads leading to Gwangcheon Village established along the winding rivers look cute and very impressive. Nongbau Mountain(Yongbawi) is located in the east of Gwangcheon Village, and beautiful Geumdangsan Mountain sits along a mountain trail that takes about 2 hours to complete.


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Transport Information

Public transportation

Seoul → Jangpyeong Terminal → Use an intra-city bus bound for PyeongChang

Passenger car

Youngdong Expressway → Turn right at PyeongChang IC → Move toward PyeongChang → Arrive at Gwangcheon Village (7km)

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