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Munhee Village

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42, Munhee -gil(Maha-ri), Mitan-myeon
Gangwon Province


Farming Village Experience


The Donggang River flows in areas of Gangwon Province, from Jeongseon, PyeongChang to Yeongwol. The river, in which its original nature has been preserved is being designated as an ecology preservation area.
There are rugged limestone rocks of extraordinary shapes surrounding the river which flows down along Baegunsan Mountain spreading like a folding screen and pine trees on cliff.
Munhee Village , an island village within land where boats are the only means of transportation and connects you to the outside.
Munhee Village is cited as a remote area among the river villages around the Donggang River.

As Donggang River gains popularity as a rafting spot, it is visited by a growing number of peoples.
Going upward to the upper region of the Donggang river for about 30 minutes, you will see fields of gravels with shadows of pine trees where you can have a glance of Munhee Village sitting at the foot of the mountains. especially beautiful even far away from Donggang River. It is due to spring water gushing out from the water. Although it is 5 to 6 meters deep, it so crystal clear that you can see beneath the surface of the river. Fresh water fish move their fins freely in their visible rapid motion attracts the visitors to the wide riverside of sandy and gravel fields. On the contrary , piles of rocks as big as the size of a man at the water's edge form a peaceful natural sculpture park based on their colorful appearances. It gives purified feelings in the midst of crystal clear water, wind and sunlight.This small rock garden is an unprecedented landscape, and it is considered to be a place where the natural environment needs to be well preserved. Visitors can have fun taking photos and find about the nature's mystery while looking for fossils and chipped stones.


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