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Surimdae Village

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#167-25, Surimdae-gil(Yupo-ri), Bongpyeong-myeon
Gangwon Province

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Yupo-ri was name so because the village has a lot of willow trees. Since the village is enveloped by Geumdangsan Mountain and Daemisan Mountain, it gives off a feeling of coziness. Surimdae Village is so well-organized that it was designated as Excellent New Agriculture Construction Movement Village, and villagers efficiently preserve the natural environment by using environmentally friendly compost with a firm conviction that the environment needs to be well protected to sustain the village. However, what makes it more attractive is warm-hearted villagers who take visitors to their heart all the time.


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Transport Information

Public transportation

Seoul → Jangpyeong Terminal → Buses bound for Yupo 3-ri
(Operated twice a day / The first bus 06 : 30, The last bus 18 : 00)

Passenger car

Youngdong Expressway → PyeongChang IC → Baegokpori → Yupo Three-Way Intersection → Yupori Jungang Expressway → Sillim → Jucheon → PyeongChang → Bangrim Three-Way Intersection → Haanmiri → Yupo Three-Way Intersection → Yupo-ri

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