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Red Clay Gudeul (or hypocaust) Village

Red Clay Gudeul (or hypocaust) Village Share


#23-10, Uipungpo-gil(Baegokpo-ri), Yongpyeong-myeon
Gangwon Province (Korean Traditional Gudeul Culture Exhibition Center)

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In an effort to succeed in the Korean traditional cultural heritage and to continue the traditional residential housing culture, the Red Clay Gudeul (or hypocaust; traditional floor-heating system) was designated as 2007 Traditional Theme Village of Gangwon Province. Currently, various red-clay floor-heating guest houses have been built by a farmers’ cooperative group through communal cooperation. The red clay floor-heating house will keep you warm. Lying on the warm red- clay floor will give you a reminiscence of the country house your grandmother used to warm up with woodfire.


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Transport Information

Public transportation

Seoul → Jangpyeong Terminal → Use a taxi and go to Baegokpo 2-ri Village by taxi

Passenger car

Youngdong Expressway → PyeongChang IC (Turn right) → Go in the direction of Baegokpo 2-ri (Turn left) → Red Clay Gudeul Village is located about 2km away

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